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>Kick Buttowski was the pinnacle of the Disney XD era of my time. His hyperbolic curves and slap-stick comedy truly brought life to the series. The character progression exquisitely went into depth with each individual character, from Gunther to the thicc gentleman himself, learning more about their identities and sexuality as the show went on. I am absolutely outraged by that this show only has 2 seasons. The 6.7 IMDb rating was obviously the work of voodoo magicians from east Ethiopia. There is no way, in both this dimension and the pony dimension, that any normal person would not like Kick Buttowski. Its wonderfully crafted story arch shed light upon sensitive subjects such as homosexuality and atheism. Kick Buttowski NEEDS to be, and I emphasize NEEDS to be brought back. I can no longer handle watching re-runs, I've memorized every pose by heart and every one-liner. I can no longer get off to Kick Buttowski png images that are scuffed beyond recognition. I haven't busted a nut since elementary school. #FREETHEBUTTOWSKI