Disney+ Marvel Series Leaked Casting Calls

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>MAYA LOPEZ / ECHO (Female, 18 or older to play 20, deaf, indigenous): Independent, athletic and bright vigilante.

>WILLIE LINCOLN (Male, 40s – 50s, indigenous): Maya's loving father and fierce protector.

>MARY (Female, late 30s – early 40s, open ethnicity): Highly professional and ambitious career woman.

>ALEX (Male or Female, 30s – 50, Open Ethnicity): A sincere but funny oddball with an obsession for the fantasy/sci-fi genre.

>MISHA (Male or Female, 20s – 40s): Eastern European mob enforcer who speaks with a strong accent.

>HEATHER (Female, white, Midwestern, 26 years old): Smart and scrappy, does what she needs to in order to survive.

>BELLA (Female, white, 8 years old): Precocious, daring and confident with a sense of humor.

>BRADY (Male, white, 9 years old): Energetic and sweet.

>DETECTIVE SHERMAN (40s, Male, Open Ethnicity): Overworked and overstressed New York City police detective.

Madame Masque, Trickshot and Clown are also confirmed to appear.