How to improve Korra

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Korra should be rebooted to have the following plot

>remove all instances of the love triangle.

She can be paired with someone, towards the end and a romantic relationship can be shown to grow over the course of the series (even one with Asami), but the entire relationship drama plot should be removed as that was thrown in by Bryke to pander to tumblr. They would literally sit in their Tumblr blog and let fans dictate to them how the series should go. It should be like Aang and Katara in ATLA.

>Make the Earth Kingdom like the Fire Nation was in ATLA

The Earth Kingdom should be the primary antagonists of Korra and the final villain should be someone more whelming than fucking Kuvira. I like the Idea that Unaloq/Vaatu should be the primary antagonists of the series who use Kuvira as some sort of puppet dictator while Unaloq acts as the shadow dictator. Vaatu shouldn't have become an arc villain he's the fucking antithesis of the avatar, he should have been the antagonist of the entire series.

>Get rid of Amon
As good of a villain as Amon was, he served nothing to the series. If he were to be kept in this purposed reboot he should be an anti hero or something and he definitely shouldn't be a waterbender in disguise. He should actually be a person who uses chi blocking.

>Turn Zaheer into a different plot point than a full arc antagonist
Zaheer was the best executed villain in the series, but his arc stunk. He should have never been an air bender and the Order of the Red Lotus's motive's were cringe. He should have had something to do with the Earth Kingdom and have been an official in disguise while still being the leader of the Order of the Red Lotus.

With these changes. A korra reboot would be much better than the garbage tumblrfest we got.