The Owl House

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The characters in this show literally don't have motivations.

Luz wants to be a witch. Why? What's she gonna do then, same thing as Eda? Why not do that right now? Nothing's stopping her, she thinks it'd be cool to become a witch but there's no actual milestone to hit or feat to achieve to denote when she becomes one. She already knows some magic and it's not like she needs to graduate because Eda obviously knows her shit even without school and could teach her.

Eda doesn't even have that, maybe she could want to reverse her curse but she never does anything about it or look into what caused it in the first place, she seems pretty content with just being cursed forever and doing random aimless shit all the time. She doesn't even want to defeat the Emperor, ease his grip on the isles, or get her sister to abandon him or something like that despite her supposedly rebellious freedom-obsessed character, she's just around.

King is a joke character not worth going into.

This sort of aimless plot worked for Adventure Time because it was literally children's drawing randumb tier and no one expected more (even though they got it later on) but it seems strange in a high fidelity animation like this to not have an end goal for ANY of the characters, it's like a full length Pixar movie that's just two hours of amazingly animated traffic footage with no story structure whatsoever.

After seeing that Hieronymus Bosch was the inspiration for the setting, all the anime influences, the 20 minute episode format, the artstyle more complex than most currently running shows (they actually have muscles and not just noodle limbs), I was really expecting a more serious and plot driven show than this, I can't help but weep at all the wasted potential every time I watch it.