Thoughts on Paul Kupperberg's Doom Patrol

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I'm curious what fans of the Morrison Doom Patrol run think of Paul Kupperberg's take. He wrote the majority of the team's adventures for 10 years starting with his reboot in the pages of Showcase. His iteration of the Doom Patrol basically faded into limbo afterword, making the odd appearance in Showcase Presents (starring in the first appearance of Ambush Bug!), Superman Family, and Supergirl. Miraculously Kupperberg's Doom Patrol remained in tact even after Crisis on Infinite Earths, finally graduating into their own solo title.

The series definitely had problems, primarily taking to long to reveal the whereabouts of Niles Caulder, but it certainly was a fun comic with endearing characters. Kupperberg's run started out with the sublime art of Steve Lightle, but after issue five introduced then newcomer Erik Larsen, who would reach comic stardom a couple years down the line drawing Spiderman and Savage Dragon. Larsen was completely complementary to Kupperberg's writing: slightly offbeat, high octane superhero antics.

Comparatively, Morrison's run didn't look like a far cry from the run that preceded him aesthetically. Richard Case seemed to be doing his best impression of Larsen.