Meet Captain Marvel's Half-Sister, the Kree Warrior Lauri-ell

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>Carol Danvers has had to deal with a lot of turmoil in her personal and professional life lately, especially after she discovered that she is half-Kree. Another major bombshell is about to be dropped on Carol in Captain Marvel #18, a tie-in issue to Marvel's blockbuster event Empyre. CBR has an exclusive first look at Carol’s half-sister Lauri-ell, who will play a major role in Captain Marvel's Empyre tie-in story.
>"The revelation of Carol's mother being Kree opens up amazing opportunities for further exploring Carol's connections to the Kree... and introducing a family member she was not aware of was almost too obvious," Captain Marvel writer Kelly Thompson told CBR. "But when we started creating Lauri-ell, Carol's half-sister, I started to get genuinely excited about both the character herself and what she could bring to Carol and her world. It's such a rich area to explore for Carol. And then Cory went and designed Lauri-ell with these giant arms and shoulders and I think I'm in love. Wait... I've said too much."