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Teen Titans Go: a daring synthesis

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I hated this trash for YEARS, the main reason? I LOVE THE ORIGINAL TEEN TITANS WITH MY HEART AND MY SOUL and Justice league action was killed because CN wanted more and more TTGO 24/7 (many other shows too)
But this, this is maybe one of the most POWERFUL apotheoses that happened in my entire life
Randomly, without a reason, I lost my internet connection, I didn't have anything to do but watch the tv, the remote control is lost and the 3-hour daily TTGO night is about to start, what can I do? what can I say? nothing but watch the tv, the first episode is about Raven changing her alter ego to Lady Legasus, the episode is silly as fuck, but Raven is hot in that suit, the jokes are ACTUALLY FUNNY, what the fuck is happening here, the second episode starts, is about Starfire in a date with Speedy, the episode is absolutely amazing and I laugh like a madman the entire fucking episode, the references, the jokes, the comedy is just too fucking good to be true, the third episode starts, is about Robin trying to teach about hard work, they go to the desert and FUCK the comedy is amazing, the gags are intelligent and amazing, the animation IS ABSOLUTELY KINO, everything is just perfect from the start to the end, Raven looks hot af in her bikini, I want to cuddle with her, the fourth episode starts, is about Cyborg being transformed into the tower, kino levels are reached, the main plot is amazing, the gags are totally impressive, the ending is a massive mindfuck, the Fifht episode is about to start, and the next, and the next, and the next, I didn't sleep, I watch Teen titans go for 10 hours, now I watch teen titans go every day, this show has EVERYTHING, and is addictive, is funny, is great, Raven and Starfire are semen demons they are so fucking hot, TONS of references each episode FUN 24/7 how the FUCK I hated this masterpiece I can't understand, Teen Titans Go is a fucking MASTERPIECE