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2 things
1) I highly appreciate Studio Massa. Not only is he proving that online animation can be heavily admired if you just put effort into it, but his stuff if often genuinely soulful and sometimes cute. It's also nice that he makes animations in a language as obscure as Dutch, which is practically exclusive in a country where 80% of people speak English anyway. I love this and I wish more cartoons were made from a perspective outside the anglosphere or Japan. France makes good stuff but there's a sad lad of cartoons about French people, I really wish we had more studios these days that just have people being themselves so we can better appreciate small details that make each culture genuinely unique. I don't want this to be another Ongezellig thread, if we can let's post more small studio works from outside the Anglosphere or Japan so we can appreciate a more vast wealth of storytelling.

2) I wish Indonesian girls were real