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>According to a reliable source with industry knowledge, a live-action movie about John Constantine is in development at Warner Bros., with Bad Robot Productions serving as the production company and J.J. Abrams attached as a producer. The film will have a similar feel and tone to Bad Robot's other current upcoming projects, which include the "Justice League Dark" HBO Max series as well as the recently announced "Zatanna" movie.

>It is currently unknown whether this will be a soft reboot with Keanu Reeves reprising the titular role, or a complete reboot with a new actor portraying the character. It is also unclear whether it will be a theatrical release or an HBO Max exclusive, though the latter is more likely, as it is improbable that Abrams would be at the helm of two conflicting versions of the same characters across different mediums. Previous reports also claimed that the JLD members would be introduced in individual features ahead of their team-up series.