Swamp Korra Thread

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Fuck it, it’s been over a week now and the last one was fun, so let’s have another Swamporra Thread

What we got so far:
>Korra is a very racist and spiritual Swampbender with a Frog-Squirrel named Squrt and some sort of Gator Hybrid as pets
>A Female Kleptomanic Sandbender who’s been exiled from her tribe and is hunting something down
>A Sun Warrior Combustion Bender who’s trying I figure out his place in the world and control his bending
>An Old Man Nonbending Bounty Hunter who begrudgingly joins the group
>A Lounge Singer Soundbender with criminal ties

We figured out Swamporra and the overall plot/Main Villain in the last thread, so it’s just the secondary cast/minor main cast and subplots that need work.

Previous Thread:

Let’s get back to the madness of Swamporra and her Moonshine shenanigans. Also, fuck firebenders, the Swamp will rise again!