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So I think we can all agree that.

>Terrible timing.
>Terrible posing.
>Creatively bankrupted.
>Awful Family Guy-Tier 3:4 shots most if not all of the time in the Tonic DNA & Yowza shorts.
>While Tonic DNA is the best studio doing these shorts, it's on the same level as being the best athlete at the Special Olympics, it's not something you should be proud of, it's something you should be ashamed about.
>If these shorts were by TMS/Telecom, Studio 4°C, Trigger and OLM instead with ZERO American involvement other then funding at $1 million US dollars per 5 minute short (at least) they would of been a trillion times much better off and much more respected too.
>Snipple is getting better, but thats only because of constant retakes that Green Eggs and Ham lacked and that all of the layouts/keys are kept in the States.
>What we ended up getting was still better then anything Studio Mir ever put out and it put them to shame too.
>Everyone prefer Rudish Mickey because the jokes land much better then these short.
>Overly saturated primary colors but at least it's not brown and gray everywhere.

I still liked them.