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Wakfu Season 4 Announcement (and Wakfu thread)

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>There's really no stopping this team! We last left them at the gates of Ingloriom, the kingdom of the gods. And in a pretty tough spot, too… Remember? Well, what happens next is… Whoa there! STOP! Phew… That would have been quite the spoiler! The final resolution that Wakfu has been headed for since the beginning… the one we've been nourishing and protecting like a Pink Piwi with her egg… in a word, the grand finale… is almost here!

>But to complete the ultimate quest, we'll need you to come along too! To make this project a reality and conclude the final chapter in the adventures of the Brotherhood of the Tofu, your help will be essential… That's why we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign by the beginning of June.
Will you give them your money anons?