Tuesday Carol Thread!

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Hopes & ideas for Captain Marvel 2?

My idea to teach the bitch humility.

> For the 1st 4th to 3rd of the film she is in full arrogant cunt mode.

> She briefly returns to earth (most of the film will be out in space) to track down a family of Skrulls who crashed on earth & have gone missing (not the krennic skrull family)

> She tracks them to Russia only to find them already dissected to death by the remnants of the Red Room guarded by Perun (russia's fake thor)

> She looses her fucking mind & burns the base to the ground, she drags Perun unintentionally to Chernobyl.

> She looks up & sees the NSC, realizes what it is and smiles sadistically. She slams Perun through the roofs of the NSC & sarcophagus landing next to the cold core.

> She begins powering up to deliver a murderous killing blow & her cosmic energy reactivates the reactor fuel. When Perun realizes this will cause a nuclear explosion he surrenders for the sake of his countrymen & Carol doesn't immediately accept, he has to beg her to stop pointing to scientist scrambling to escape the melting ruins.

> She leaves the ruins and sees & hears the multinational workers at the NSC scared out of their minds.

> She realizes she nearly killed millions of people with her lack of self control & must go on a quest for redemption the rest of the film.