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Franco-Belgian/Eurocomics Storytime

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Hello /co/, how are we all on this fine day in quarantine?

As a mid-apocalypse gift, I bring you a freshly scanlated eurocomic about the survivor of a serial killer's massacre. This is from the same author as The Days That disappear, which I also scanlated and should be available in the archive.

As always, please don't hold back on comments, criticism, corrections and suggestions.


>The police arrest a young woman wandering the streets covered in blood, with a knife in her hand. Returning her to her home, the officers are horrified to discover the whole family murdered... 6 years later, Pierre Grimaud, the sole survivor of the “Rue des Corneilles massacre”, awakens from a profound coma. The 15 year old teenager has become a 21 year old young man. Disoriented, still paralysed and suffering from partial amnesia, he is taken into the care of doctor Anna Kieffer, a psychologist specialising in criminology and victimology. Through their sessions, Anna tries to help him remember the circumstances of the massace, despite the gaps in his memory. Pierre tells her about the prsence of a mysterious “man in black” who haunts his dreams, probably a subconscious response to his trauma. After several sessions, Anna grows to realise that Pierre is a sensitive and highly intelligent person. Touched by his story, she even starts feeling affection for him. Little by little, a true bond begins to form between them. Anna cannot imagine how much this patient will change her life.

>After the acclaimed The Days That Disappear, Timothé Le Boucher returns with a tense and surprising psychological thriller, allowing us a glimpse of several of the author’s favourite themes: the relationship with the other, the notion of “time”, identity and memory.