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Spider-Man Thread

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As the title says, we talk all things Spidey. Let's talk about our favorite stories, characters, and future content we'd like to see. You can also speculate about Kindred's identity if you want too.

Some random thoughts; Personally I'm enjoying both Nick Spencer's ASM book, and Williams Amazing Mary Jane. For me its hard to pick a favorite Sinister Six member, but Mysterio and The Shocker are two of my favorites. On a related note, I always thought Scorpion could use a revamp. I love the PS4, and even after 100% completing it, I still sometimes just swing around the city for the hell of it. Looking forward to the sequel. Moreover, I miss the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, and hate that Drake Bell redubbed over Keaton's lines in Avengers EMHs.

But enough about my thoughts, what would you like to talk about?