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Netflix's SANDMAN Casting Breakdowns

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>MORPHEUS (Male, 25-34, Open Ethnicity): The Lord of Dreams. Tall and slender, with pale white skin, black hair and two stars in place of his eyes. While careful to fulfill his duties crafting dreams and nightmares, Morpheus is slow to understand the subtleties of humor and even slower to forgive, with a tendency to become self-obsessed.

>CORINTHIAN (Male, 30-34, Caucasian): A seductive yet cold-blooded serial killer with small, ravenous mouths for eyes, which are often concealed by sunglasses.

>RODERICK BURGESS (Male, 40-55, Open Ethnicity): A wealthy businessman obsessed with the occult who, in the early 20th century, attempted to capture Death in a bid to become immortal, only to capture Morpheus instead.

>ALEX BURGESS (Male, 20-27, Open Ethnicity): Roderick's son, a bookish and conflicted young man exploring his sexuality and trapped his family’s legacy to hold Morpheus prisoner.

>ETHEL DEGAN (Female, 25-34, Open Ethnicity): Roderick's mistress, a crafty and seductive force of chaos who steals three powerful items obtained from Morpheus' office, each with the power to wreak havoc upon the world.