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>At Convergence 2014 in Minnesota, Greg Weisman held an event called the “Blue Mug,” an after-dark adults-only panel where Weisman answered dirty sex questions about his characters. He used to do this at the old Gathering of the Gargoyles conventions. I took notes.

>The following information is 100% canon.

>Elisa was wet for Goliath the instant she realized he was sentient. Goliath didn’t catch on until The Mirror, when she transformed into a gargoyle.

>Goliath and Elisa do have sex eventually, and have a permanent relationship. Unable to conceive (no cross-species reproduction, unfortunately), they eventually adopt a child. Greg wouldn’t say whether it was a human or gargoyle child though.

>Gargoyle genitals are similar to humans but sized “to scale,” and thus compatible but painful. Human males have to worry about the extremely powerful vaginal muscles that are strong enough to handle large gargoyle eggs. Humans of any gender need to worry about being ripped apart during gargoyle orgasm—they get grabby.

>Gargoyle mating rituals involve “lots of flying” and feats of strength.

>Lexington has sex with Staghart at some point, but it hasn’t happened yet in any of the story that’s been produced. However, as of the SLG comics, they have participated in online gay sex chats.

>The Third Race are all pansexual sluts. Fox, a half-fairy, is bisexual.