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VOIHON storytime thread

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I planned to do this on Sunday, but since all chapters are now fully recovered thanks to anon in the last thread, let's do it now.

>What the fuck is this?
Some anon discovered a video called EmeriTheLamb
Its themes of purity and sheep waifu have greatly resonated with /co/ audience.
Upon further research a webcomic by the same author was discovered, which is similarly bizarre and eventually ties to the story of the video.

However just as it started getting attention, shortly after chapter 3 got posted the author has nuked the entire comic from the interwebs. He says he decided to rewrite it so that it has more videos to compliment the comic.
I managed to recover most of the comic from the browser cache, but some of the pages were missing. However another anon has uploaded chapters 1 and 3, and I have the entire chapter 2 so now we have the whole thing.

So let's started. I might add some meta-commentary under spoiler tags, don't read it if you don't want to.

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Link to the comic for when it gets revived: