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Even worse than TTG, TCR and NuBen 10

I'll list some of the reasons why is it a bad show from starting on how's its made

>The animation is completely garbage and no consistency on how the character are drawn, just how over the years, look Connie's look has gone from normal height level to midget level
>The animation is ship out overseas in Korean sweatshop to post process there, nothing is really made in house in the studio
>Plot is literally the last thing they make because the animation was drawn first, absolutely backwards when making a basic show
>Voices actors are god awful, the main roles mostly cast to womyn, half of them are POC mainly for the sake of (((diversity))) and secondary roles are past down to the numales and all of them still can not act for shit.
>Creator is half kike and a dyke, pushing her own liberal agenda by by putting propaganda messages into her show.

Now about the show itself.

>Show is nothing about a socially isolated fat fucking autistic kid with his 3 feminist stepmoms since he is his own mom for some reason
> the step-moms are the worst at protecting the child by taking him to dangerous missions and locations
>Steven has been so isolated from the real world by his mother, that he doesn't know what school was, despise him being a preteen
>The moms are communist terrorist hippies that betrayed their entire species because steven's mom that "all life is precious and worth protecting" or some bullshit like that
>Their species know as "gems" are based space natsocs that believe shit like imperialism, better there own kind and exploring the universe
>They banned these like race-mixing and "gem-mixing" that they believe it creates abominable freaks of natures and its true since we seen gems "fuse" or another way of saying it is gay rock sex and it creates freakish monsters with extra body parts.

So can we agree that this is a shit show?