What does /co/ think of Stuart Snyder? Did he save CN?

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>Cancelled all the mediocre cartoons from the mid-2000s such as Camp Lazlo, Squirrel Boy and My Gym Partner is a Monkey
>Greenlit shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Generator Rex, Robotomy, Gumball, Steven Universe, Clarence, Uncle Grandpa and Over the Garden Wall.
>Gave the creators much more creative freedom
>Most of the shows under his reign where incredibly experimental, even though they flopped such as Problem Solverz
>Good timeslot, most shows got the proper airtime
>CN Real
>Cancelled all the late 2000's cartoons in 2010, such as Chowder, Flapjack and Secret Saturdays
>Creators like Craig McCracken, Maxwell Atoms and Genndy Tartarkovsky left the Network due to creative differences
>Rejecting Underfist

He's pretty much saved the Network from the dark ages of the mid 2000s. Don't forget that Jim Samples was the guy who one pushed for live-action shit first, Re-Animated happened when he was president.