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The titles for the final ten episodes have been revealed! They are:

>In Dreams (airing 3/6)

>Bismuth Casual (airing 3/6)

>Together Forever (airing 3/13)

>Growing Pains (airing 3/13)

>Mr. Universe (airing 3/20)

>Fragments (airing 3/20)

We will then have a four part finale, starting with:

>Homeworld Bound (airing 3/27; this episode will also be played following the Steven Universe Movie during its theatrical run on 3/23)

>Everything’s Fine (airing 3/27)

>I Am My Monster (airing 3/27)

>The Future (airing 3/27)

No descriptions for these episodes have been posted.

Make your predictions here.

sorry for the deletion, forgot about “In Dreams”