Trannies don't work in comics book universes

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Lets push all politics aside and just think about it logically.
We have people in the real world who are so dedicated to changing their gender they will mutilate their own bodies to get this goal, as much as people joke about the 41% it goes to show just how many people are so willing to take this risk just to get some form of happiness, and it sadly doesn't work out for them.
Now lets take this sort of dedication, and put it into a world where Magic is undeniably real and science has gotten to the point of basic reality manipulation, and you start to see the problem

Surely if someone is transgender in Marvel or DC, they will eventually stumble upon some sort of Magic spell or potion to change them. Something like that has to naturally exist, the byproduct of a pervy wizard who liked being a girl more then a guy, or a witches spell for punishment, whatever the reason is it fits in the universe due to magic being fucking magic. Or if that's not the case, then they would just invent some way to do it. It's Magic it can do anything if you put enough effort into it

But the problem doesn't end there, if people make as much noise about transgender issues in comics as they do in the real world, then surely someone would just invent a machine to change peoples genders completely
There are so many Super Geniuses with hearts of gold out there that surely one of them would want to fix a problem people claim to have, and with how smart they are it would be easy as all fuck.
Hell you don't even need to be a good guy to do this. Someone like Lex Luthor can easily science a solution up and Boom, hes won over a small but influential part of the population. From an ego stand point alone that works out.

And yet instead, this sort of Rule 63 fuckery is only used for depressing stories, characters being 'punished', or it's just ignored entirely. Why is that? Why must an obvious solution be pushed aside for representation that just doesn't fit in-universe?