what does /co/ think of The Rescuers Down Under?

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I noticed whenever people talk about Disney Renaissance era movies, this one almost never gets mentioned, even though it's technically part of the renaissance. (came out right in between The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast)

Why do you think this one never achieved the success and popularity of the other films from that era? I thought it was really solid and enjoyable, and managed to surpass the original (really rare for animated films)
It is the only renaissance movie with no songs, do you think that could be a possible reason why it isn't so beloved, since the songs do play a big part of why people love the 90s Disney films? Or do you think it has to do with the plot or characters being subpar?
Even the less popular films that came out later in the 90s still get a good bit of recognition. Mulan and Hercules aren't as popular as Aladdin or The Lion King but they're still popular.Hunchback gets 0 recognition by Disney but is still regarded as an underrated gem by fans.
I'm really curious to hear people's thoughts.