Late Zoomer Kids Have It Better Than Early Zoomer Kids

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I don't see why all of you guys feel sorry for kids today. If anything, kids today are growing up in the Cartoon Network renaissance. Late Zoomer CN kids have Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, Victor and Velentino, Craig of The Creek, Unikitty, Infnity Train, Mao Mao, DC Superhero Girls mean holy shit has there ever been a better time for high quality, versitale animated shows than this?

Compare that to early zoomer kids. They grew up in the Dark Age of Cartoon Network, with tons of retarded, shitty, mean-spirited, shallow, empty, vaccous, gross-out shows like My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Johnny Test, Skunk Fu, George of The Jungle, Sidekick, Scaredy Squirrel, Out of Jimmy's Head, CN Real, Hero 108, The Annoying Orange, Problem Solverz, Level Up, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Mixels