Weird Cartoons

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Have you ever watched a cartoon that seriously fucked you up? Not a "ooo" spooky episode moment. I'm talking genuine wtf'ery on the next level of wack. I'll start with one of mine
>Be 13
>Watching Ninjago Masters of Spinjitsu
>Favorite ninja is Zane because Ice is cool
>Watch episode where he investigates his past
>Get to scene where he is in a basement
>Zane is reading blueprints with him on it
>Cole, Jay, and Kai find him
>w8 it cant be I think
>Zane turns around
>What is about to ha-
>Zane fucking opens his chest revealing he is a goddamn robot
>Am devastated because I realize that my favorite character is essentially a fake computer person and his entire life is a lie
>Realize that we all could be fake computer people and we would have no way of knowing it
>Realize that if we were it wouldn't matter
>Realize that nothing matters
>Have exestensial crisis over Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitsu
>Never speak of it to anyone

I haven't been the same since