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Is it just me or is TMNT not a very good franchise? Like how come this specific property gets rebooted the most? It usually leads to poor results. Let's do a general run down...

First cartoon - Very infantile and bad. It only existed to showcase cartoony characters to sell their toys. No substance of any kind.

Second cartoon - Probably the only decent TMNT cartoon but eventually the writing turns bad.

Third cartoon - Nickelodeon's version of TMNT had some decent ideas but it all drowned in bad writing. Like how many death fake outs there were for Splinter.

Fourth cartoon - Pretty bad. At least the first cartoon had a decent art style, this is just ugly.

Live Action films? Only the first one is actually good. The rest either deteriorate in quality or are bad from the beginning (most recent reboot). And about the only Live Action Series Next Mutation? That is shit.

Comic wise even the first comic series loses its way when it comes to writing and IDW TMNT has somewhat become lousy. If this franchise is so lousy how come it gets rebooted so much? Thundercats may be a bigger failure but it gets more talk than TMNT.