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Cartoon Network in 2020

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Cartoon Network released what new things they will air next year. Video includes:

- New Teen Titans GO
- New Total DramaRama
- New Ben 10 Reboot
- New Apple and Onion
- New Victor and Valentino
- New Steven Universe Future
- New Infinity Train
- New Craig of the Creek
- New DC Super Hero Girls
- New Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart
- New Transformers: Cyberverse
- New Power Players
- New Bakugan: Battle Planet
- New Ninjago

Upcoming new shows:
-Thundercats Roar

Upcoming new movies:

- Lego DC Batman: Family Matters
- Teen Titans vs Teen Titans GO
- Steven Universe: The Movie (Sing-Along)

Shows that were missing from the video:

- Gumball (Rip)
- Unikitty
- Summer Camp Island
- We Bare Bears
- The Powerpuff GIrls Reboot

Upcoming shows and movies that were said to come out in 2020 but weren't featured in the video:

- Tig n' Seek
- The Fungies!
- We Baby Bears
- We Bare Bears The Movie