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> Amethyst and Garneg stepped out of the car, walking into the restaurant to grab the food and drinks.

> Pearl reached into her pocket, pulling out a smoke.

> She slid you a small smirk and handed you one before lighting hers.

> You held it in your lips as yoy chuckled softly. Pearl moved over and leaned agents you.

> Staring into each others eyes, you had the smae smile, which grew as you wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

> You leaned in, holding the tip of your cigarette to hers. Letting the embers climb onto your smoke, you stayed still and inhaled deeply.

> Pulling away, you blew a long thin stream of smoke. Looking back at Pearl, you held her hand.

> "Thanks P." You amswered.

> "No problem Anon, you looked like you needed it. Had a rough day?" She asked.

> You shaked your head with a tired smile. "Heh. Yeah, I did. Boss rode my ass today about every lil' thing. No reason other to bitch and moan. Bitch is on her period, I tell ya."

> Blowing a small ring, Pearl giggled and listened. "You know... I make plenty of money... I don't have to spend money on food or water so I have plenty saved up. Why don't you move in? We can just spend a few months in our love nest~"

> You shaked your head again. "Sorry Pearl, but I can't. As much as I love ya, I can't sit around doing nothing. I'd go stir crazy. I'm a worker."

> Pearl siged and kept her smile. "Fine. But if you ever wanna quit, just call me and I'll be waiting for you."

> You smile again, running your thumb over her hand, resting your chin on her head as you held each other.

> "I love you, Pearl."

> "I love you too, my dear Anonymous."