How to make a shitty cartoon that appeals to Americans

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>Batman: The Animated Series
>The Powerpuff Girls
>Ed, Edd n Eddy
>The Spectacular Spider-Man
>Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
>Sym-Bionic Titan
>Over the Garden Wall

All of these are either outright classics, or cult classics. Yet an objective, unbiased look at any of them without nostalgia reveals they're PURE SHIT. Excuse plots, stereotypical characterization, cliched dialogue, terrible animation (except Spectacular), and barely-there music (except OTGW) are only some of the problems with these sorry excuses for cartoons.

So why are they so popular, popular enough to retain sizeable fandoms to this very day despite being well-deservedly cancelled for years if not decades? The answer is simple: AMERICANA.

From Batman: TAS's USian art deco, to Gargoyles' ancient Anglo myths, to The Powerpuff Girls' capeshit, to Ed, Edd n Eddy's hedonistic suburbia, to Spectacular's cliquish high school abuse, to Mystery Inc.'s roaming teenage hippies, to Sym-Bionic's giant robots vs. military men, to Over the Garden Wall's literal Americana - they all appeal to the lowest common American denominator to cover up for their failures in virtually all other areas.

Those of us who aren't American, along with the rare American who actually understands what their country has done to the world (as hard as it is to find such unicorns), are eventually forced to watch this dog vomit too, as the US puts every other country's entire media (let alone animation) industry out of business with its monopolistic propaganda, or at best leaves it hanging by a regulatory thread.