Give Hazfags Their Own Board

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I have a proposal for the Hazbin people.
4hcan isnt dead, thank god, but now a new series is taking over, Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss here on /co/. There is no balance, its being flooded with threads after threads and other threads are going to the bottom really quick.

With that saying, a good suggestion is /haz/ - Hazbin. A new board for all Hazbin stuff and a breath of relief here on /co/.


>Go to that suggestion board
>Request many threads or get lots of Anons to suggest swapping out /mlp/ with a new board called, /haz/ -Hazbin
>Jannies, mods and Hiromoot accept it
>We move everyone over there
>New ban that bans any Haz content here like /mlp/

If this board wins, /co/ will be quiet and Kino again.