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Toonami Ratings for 11/23/19

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This Saturday, Toonami is airing a Food Wars marathon. You still gotta show up though cause OPM and MHA are still airing a new episode.

The final Toonami TIE, The Forge, is airing right now. Currently TOM killed the alien guy and encouraged the other TOMs to revolt and they did but there were actually lots of those alien guys and now TOM and pals are pinned down. Also TOM lost an arm again.

On December 14th, Toonami will air the Lupin OVA, Is Lupin Still Burning? at 3am.

Last week we saw a huge improvement in the first hour thanks to the return of Family Guy ahead of Toonami. We even saw a gentle upswing for the rest of the night too. This week, makes last week look like an absolute joke, with a gigantic improvement for MHA, and numbers we haven’t seen in months. I was gonna be happy if MHA hit the 500k mark, but it blew the doors off that expectation with a huge 675k turnout. The “Toonami needs Dragonball” narrative can’t recover from this. As a bonus, even though MHA did very well, the other shows off the night actually retained that performance decently.

11:00 My Hero Academia 675 0.27

11:30 One-Punch Man 577 0.25

12:00a Dr. Stone 497 0.22

12:30a Fire Force 473 0.22

1:00a Food Wars 463 0.22

1:30a Demon Slayer 413 0.20

2:00a Black Clover 364 0.17

2:30a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 349 0.16

3:00a Naruto: Shippuden 355 0.15

3:30a Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 292 0.12

4:00a Attack on Titan (r) 261 0.11