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(Weird) Headcanons

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General HC thread. Bonus points if they’re weird. Alright, I’ll start.
>Doom wanks it to cuckshit
Think about it. The guy’s constantly angry, is motivated by hatred and envy, lives inside an armor, basically, and his major nemesis(es?) are Stretch Armstrong, King BBC and Iron Chad CyberCock. He’s totally broken down and wanked it to some weird shit once, sending him down a path of fringe cuck porn, culminating to him jerking it to some BBC Worship vids at some point. The guy’s too emotionally fucked up to not be into something as twisted as this. The control freak letting steam off in degradation is practically a trope. He’s too prideful to be into BDSM which would involve another person, but in the privacy of his thoughts and proxies, he can let loose.

And obviously afterwards he shouts REEEEEEchards and deems it his fault that he just got done wanking to a BBC gangbang.

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.