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44 Nefcy Forgot Moments
1. Remember when Marco saw Karate as extremely important and that was one of his defining traits
2. Remember when Moon had both a master of portals and a person could freeze an opponent and didn’t use them to capture Toffee.
3. Remember when moon needed the “Darkest Spell” to even attempt to kill Toffie but Star was able to blitz him in her MewBirty Form.
4. Remember when baby foreshadowed Star’s natural power and compared it to Eclipsa
5. Remember when Star and Marco where supposed to be in high school.
6. Remember the alternative monsters
7. Remember how star was slowly becoming evil
8. Remember when the use of green and pink magic foreshadowed star using both good and evil magic.
9. Remember how moon collected up the dust off Lekmet which was never mentioned again
10. Remember when Star and Rhombulus were really good friends
11. Remember how Eclipsa's chapter corrupted Marco
12. Remember St. Olga's and how it became the base for a rebel group of princesses?
13. Remember when the show had more than just Marco and Janna as the only characters from Echo Creek Academy
14. Remember when the show was about Star learning to be a better person
15. Remember how Marco and Kelly's relationship was built up as far back as Lava Lake Beach, and then was ended off screen in a filler episode
16. Remember when Star freaked out about Pony Head having a bad Birthday but when on Marco’s birthday, she ignored him and kissed her boyfriend in front of him.