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Earth 919 Thread

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Basic Rundown:
>Web Shooter (Spider-Man) went columbine his school after one too many bad days and is now a mass murderer
>Wakanda rules over all of Africa, and are very slowly but surely expanding into Europe
>SABRE (SHIELD) is a shadow government that has control of many countries and operatives all over the world
>HYDRA is a resistance group founded to fight the Nazis in World War II that now exists to stop SABRE's influence on the globe.
>Tyrant (Captain America) is an anti-mutant nationalist who is in charge of SABRE
>Futurist (Iron Man) is essentially Big Boss with grander plans
>Thor is a drunkard rapist
>The X-men are a class based cult that controls most of the east coast and have only been stopped by Futurist in recent years
>Deadpool is the same and at the end of the arc he comes to the 616 universe to explain why deadpool is always shifting from Memepool to sadpool.
>Namor is also the same but has slightly different preferences in women giving him away
>Carol is just the same but evil
>Gwen Pool is a /co/ user who loves DC and hates marvel and loath every second of her time in this universe.
>Carnage is peak memepool but is opposed to killing
>Wilson Fisk is a humble spice merchant and philanthropist, Who's also funding underground vigilantly groups and eventually becomes the mayor of New York
>Iceman got gayed awayed by Jean because she wanted him to be her man slave, he’s now a heterosexual homophobe who is still technically gay and has to watch as he is forced to commits unspeakable acts.
>American Gestapo is a genetically perfect spy from the Nazis timeline who goes from timeline to timeline to introduce fascism. She comes to 919 to do her thing but instead becomes Tyrant enforce/sex slave
There’s a lot more but most of it is to long so if you want information on other character see the older thread.