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So I finally caved in and started Star vs. and currently finished S3 finale.
I only surfaced skimmed the threads of it on here but there were so many of them since inception that I honestly had no idea what to expect.

The majority of shitposting i saw prior to the show was
>star gets cucked, lmao
>star is evil murderer

Well the first one was true for a bit with jackie, but by the end of S3 it kind of turned into the opposite, jackie was more or less written out and now Marco is the cuck king clinging to star's lap all "s-s-s-s-spare coochie princes s-star?" when looking at tom making out with her

and i haven't seen her do anything explicitly evil or murderous yet
so unless this shit goes full bananas in S4 you niggas are going to be proven the most braindead blind hivemind ever once again

also hekapoo is best girl, fuck you
marco should've just fucked off with her and left star right the second he came back and saw she was with tom after being all "nuu i luv u, don't go marco, even though we can totally visit each other any time but i'll pretend like you're gone forever and go fuck time after a week"