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aku terrorized the earth and tormented people for fun, yes, this is true-- But he also allowed the earth's population to keep thriving in large numbers with a booming manufacturing and industrial industry in order to support the kind of technology and production going on, and was mostly limited to fucking over a single planet.

jack on the other hand erased an entire REALITY from existence with his actions-- The scotsman, the spartans, everyone else he'd helped out and made friends with the entire series? Yeah, they're not only not alive, their very SOULS don't even exist anymore thanks to jack deleting them from reality. At least the people Aku killed still went to their heavens and got to have a good existence after that. But by drastically altering the time stream like that, virtually none of those people even EXIST anymore.

Jack was the true villain of the series in the end, his actions were far worse than aku could ever even have fathomed of doing.