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Mr. /co/: Nomination thread (Part 1)

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We could start right since this thread is already up.

Qualifier Poll (Part 1 of Nominations before qualifier poll)
>Post name, pic, sauce
>5 replies to make it in
>no limit on characters

Past Winners/Basic Rules/Poll Link

Keep all tournament talk ITT

Final Bracket
>5 characters per show (i.e. five characters from PPG)
>no character limit on DC/Marvel franchise characters due to their size, huge variety, and difficult implementation

Current Eligible Entrants
>Any character that is clearly not /co/ is not allowed
>You are voting for their entire history of that character, not just one particular iteration. (i.e. Supergirl would also include DCSHG and COIE, etc)

>Any non-bannable /co/ characters you can create a thread on /co/ for (no /mlp/)
>Any previous characters allowed in previous tournaments
>Any character that has plenty of /co/ material along with their Mediums origin (e.g. Godzilla, SW:TCW)
>All /co/ characters except the Elite Eight, or those placed in Waifuhalla or /Co/lympus Pantheon
>Character's cannot be Board-Tans, or Donut Steels
>No Traps

>Jenny Rule: Johnny Bravo won and cannot reenter.
Elite Eight taking year off
>Cap, Samurai Jack, JJJ, Shaggy, Superman, Aku, Kuzco