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Continuities/canon is fucking cancer

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It results in storylines getting fucking convoluted with garbage. You get no stake in the characters, cause if they die you just know they’ll be brought back to life in some contrived way anyhow. You also get slight status quo changes that don’t lead to big status quo changes, meaning characters just get worse to illustrate what I mean, as I can’t find a clearer way to phrase that: in the main Batman continuity, they had a small status quo change of the Joker brutally and graphically murdering Robin. This seemed to be leading to a story of Batman murdering the Joker, but he just didn’t. It was too big a status quo change. Batman just continued for years and years after Robin’s horrible death, continuing to allow Joker to live and continuing to allow young boy sidekicks to fight with him. Batman stopped being a good character and became an irresponsible piece of shit cause they wouldn’t just let him kill the Joker in that storyline.
The best comics are standalone graphic novels and elseworld comics that aren’t canon, as they do more interesting things with the characters.
In my view, continuity and canon should be completely discarded as good concepts, instead comics should be like the anthology stories of the golden ages where nothing affected anything, and a character could die in one comic and be alive in the other and it would never be mentioned. Canonicity is a specifically religious concept, it has no place in comics
That doesn’t mean specific stories can’t have their own internal continuity, I just think it’s a stupid concept people put too much weight on, and it’s fucked DC possibly beyond repair. I made this thread cause I hate the New 52, which is overrun with this garbage