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>Connie barely in it, does nothing, no Stevonnie
>Lapis and Peridot don't even sing or have any relevance to the plot just like CYM
>Lapis especially is just a wooden spoon prop in everything she's in since she came back
>No Jasper at all
>Lars is just a bg character with no lines
>Diamonds are forced and are just ooc beyond belief
>Spinel the one good thing about the movie ends up going back to the Diamonds
>Not a single townie speaks
>Not a single off color speaks
>Opals big grand return that people were frothing over was a minuscule speck
>putting pre-established characters on the wayside in favor of expanding on the new shinies
Why is this movie getting praise? It nailed everything with Spinel but I expected better from an SU MOVIE