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>you find yourself drawn closer and closer, the upbeat strumming of his electric guitar pulling you in. His masculine form glowing pink energy, it looks so warm and inviting... You just want to be closer to him, and his expression is warm, beckoning you to come say hello.
>You sit by his side in awe as he hammers away a solo that elevates your senses and numbs your mind with pleasure n' groove. You didn't realize till now how big he is, he would easily be over 8ft tall if standing, but yet you feel so comfortable, so secure by his side. That pink glow starts to spread to your skin, and it eases your whole body is encapsulated in such a beautiful feeling, intense euphoria balanced by a sense of ease that you feel in every fiber your body. It feels like the world is slowing around you, everything feels floaty and boyant. Yet you can't find it in you to be concerned, you want more.
>He looks down at you with a confident grin, he knows what you want too. He focuses his playing to the bottom guitar and opens his armpit for your devulgance. The scent of sweat, testosterone, rose petals, and magic entices you. Your nose is rubbing against his moist armpit and you take breath after breath of his musk. You'd take it over oxygen in a heartbeat. In fact Steg himself has to pull you out by your hair to ensure you don't suffocate.
>Your vision is blurry, your ears ring of disorted guitar in the background. You can't think straight anymore, and you're incredibly horny, moreso than you've ever felt before. You can only look up at the man who you're so intoxicated on like a drunken love puppy and groan in need. He smiles at your helplessly hypnotic state and unzips his jeans.