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Summer Kingdom

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Trailer for a cartoon being made by a Ukranian studio its their first cartoon.

Synopsis: Mankey is a young knight who lives in Urban Kingdom – a place where all sorts of fabulous creatures and people live together. Mankey is half-human. The only feature that distinguishes him from ordinary people is the two flames above his head that cause him many problems. They reflect all his feelings and emotions. Mankey never feels like he belongs.

A Dragon kidnapped the Princess, and like many others knights, Mankey rushed to find her. He dreams of becoming a hero and finally fulfilling his dream – to become a real human. But as he and his companions investigate the Princess’s disappearance, it becomes clearer that her kidnapping is just one part of a plan by the mysterious D’Ark Adviser, making the inhabitants of the kingdom suffer and turning their misfortunes into dark magic.

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