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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles General

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IDW: Things ain't going great for Splinter, huh? Jennika's not the worst thing ever, but the way she got her weapons and bandana was pretty weak literally just what was worn by some ninjas she beat. Casey less sucky this month.

Image: Holy shit they just announced they're finishing the Image series. Man, if it didn't suck that would be great news!

2003: Did the turtles kill a kid? I'm talking about nano. Also, did the last season have any fans?

2012: Ciro Nieli still thinks he can make that final made-for-tv-movie to resolve... I'm not sure what he wants to resolve. Can you think of anything? Plus I just found out he's English. Huh.

Rise: "There's always been monsters, in hiding. One got sick of hiding and starting turning humans and animals into new monsters, to change the balance." Decent idea! Pity it's in such a shit show. Hey, did you see where April took out a Foot Soldier? Fuck that.