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Hello 4chan (If that's your real name)

I am here to publically demonstrate my sick and tiredness of Misty and Gwen Tennyson pornography pictures I keep seeing.

I can't go on a Japanese anime hentai cartoon video on PornHub or Rule 34 without coming across an ad or picture showing Gwen or whatever the fuck else.

Now, I have Pedophilic themed OCD, meaning that I have a fear of even coming close to becoming a pedophile, and you best believe that the last thing I need to see is a little girl partaking in these acts.

>but-but she's hot and THICC

Are you fucking serious?! She's FUCKING 10! 10 YEAR OLD SHE IS! Do you not realize that it's against the law? Same thing with Misty.

Let me put this in perspective to all you brainlets out there. You, anon, presumably a grown man, are beating your meat to a little girl.

Usually in a normal society, this would be a crime, you'd be on a list and you will be tried for your crimes. But unfortunately, 4chan is where pedophilia is becoming more normalized each day.

WAKE UP! WAKE THE FUCK UP! I am specifically posting on 4chan of all places, because this is where the culprit lies. 4chan, I like you, and Ice delt with the cunty shit you've commited, but I will not continue to put up with this shit no more.

I am not risking being on a list become of fucking cartoons.