Murdoch Murdoch

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Murdoch Murdoch is the single greatest television show to come from 4chan, or anywhere for that matter! Utilizing meme magic, historical issues, controversial talking points, sex realism, race realism, and the JQ it makes one heck of a show! The animation though garbage, is so bad it's hard not to fall in love with it :)
The link is as follows
>For the mods who want to rip this thread down, here is a copy of the rules
/co/ - Comics & Cartoons
Images and discussion should pertain to media of Western origin.
This is media of Western origin, the animators are from the United States and are present on streaming platorms such as youtube and cheekyvids (or whatever it's called)
>Please note I am not speaking bad or ill of the mods, one simply ripped down this thread and I am writing this out so that I am not in any violation of the rules pertaining to this board
If this does not pertain, ripping down the thread does nothing, Explaining why this thread belongs in a different spot or moving it there however, shows me where it belongs if I am still in violation of the rules