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Post your favourite South Park jokes
>Hello there, children!
>Hey Chef.
>How's it goin'?
>Why bad?
>Chef, we're intolerant.
>Intolerant of who?
>Gays, I guess.
>Now why do you wanna go be intolerant of gay people, children? I thought you knew better.
>Well we didn't think we were, but Mr. Garrison has this new assistant, and we're really uncomfortable around him.
>Children, a lot of times the reason get uncomfortable around gay people is that they have some issues themselves. You have to ask yourself, "What is it about their behavior that, for some reason, makes me uncomfortable?"
>Well, I guess it's mostly the way Mr. Garrison stuck a gerbil up Mr. Slave's ass.
>Right. And you see, children, that's why you need to- Whoa! What?!