Favorite Coatumes

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This thread is devoted to your favorite costumes of characters. It may be their default costume or a costume they only wore once. Love to see the various tastes of /co/

>Spider-Man - Black Suit (cloth)
The original cloth suit was given to him by Felicia after he ditched the symbiote. He continued to wear it up to his confrontation with Venom. Prior to being beaten, Venom decided to pay MJ a visit and basically put the fear of god in her. Afterward, MJ asked him to ditch it because of PTSD. I maintain that because of that incident, the suit has become tainted. It represents the worst of Spidey because he arrogance led to the creation of Venom.
The suit is a manifestation of Peters psychological state. Pity is gone. Mercy is gone. Viewing you as a person has gone out the window. And he’s quiet.
Aside from all that the intricate design of the spider and the simple color scheme really complement one another.