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OK KO's third season will premiere in July

>"We are Heroes"
K.O. struggles with his upgraded role as a member of the hero team.
>"KO, Rad, and Enid!"
When confronted with their lack of a team gimmick, K.O., Rad, and Enid wonder what their group identity should be.
>"TKO Rules!"
K.O. and T.K.O decide to swap places for the day.
>"Chip's Damage"
Elodie enlists K.O. to help figure out what to do about Chip Damage.
>"K.O. vs. Fink"
When Fink taunts K.O. for being a momma's boy, he grapples with newfound insecurity about it.
>"The K.O. Trap"
K.O., Rad, and Enid are caught in an especially devious trap.
>"Whatever Happened to... Rippy Roo?"
Rippy Roo visits the plaza.
>"Planet X"
When Rad returns to his home planet, he learns a shocking truth about alien society.