Listen... I am tried of posting those religious responses

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Can you just ban me now? Or do I need to ask a character related question?
If so.. How come the super heroes are so praised yet when it gets down to it.. are still epic garbage that cant solve basic world peace, much less create a world where true justice is served?
And yes you praise them.
You glorify their essence as they offer you a escape from the reality which you see and breathe into each waking morrow.

Why do you allow them to rule you?
You praise your "Superman" yet he offers you endless false hope of a off world born savior. Your fantasy's are truly his alien illusion to mock this reality.. even from that book.

And your Batman..
How he has altered this realities treatment of the poor, sick and distressed. Your imagination uplifts him as the answer to the sarrows of mankind. Not just the great white hope, but hype and falter of this worlds truly ill.
Again, his perception towards mental illness. And his enduring abusive game of bat and mouse.. Fails more than just the multi-dimension of read book.

Your stories are allegories. And the gore they have proven to offer to this world?
Their proved cause and effect?
Yet you praise them as your redemption ~