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WONDER WOMAN 1984 Plot Details

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>Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) is a famous public hero in 1984, retconning "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Justice League", in which she abandoned humanity for 100 years after World War I.

>Diana is recruited by the United States government to investigate Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), a corrupt businessman believed to be working with the Soviets. Lord has the power to grant people’s wishes, but at a costly price, and is collecting magic artifacts to become a god.

>Barbara Ann Minerva (Kristen Wiig) is an introverted archaeologist who admires Wonder Woman and wants to be like her. Lord grants her wish, turning Barbara into Cheetah. However, Barbara struggles to control her animal side, and lashes out when the public begins fearing her, forcing Wonder Woman to intervene. Cheetah believes Wonder Woman to have betrayed her, and swears revenge.

>Lord also grants Diana’s wish to reunite with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who is revived in the 1984, trading places with Diana as the fish out of water who must acclimate himself to a brave new world. Their reunion is bittersweet, however, as Lord ultimately transfers his soul into Steve’s body, forcing Diana to fight against the man she loves.