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What are your expectations, /co/?

>Five parts divided between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow. Black Lightning will not participate.

>Three parts in 2019, two parts in 2020. Legends of Tomorrow only returns in 2020, so one of the final two episodes will be theirs.

>The Flash and Supergirl will set up the crossover throughout the first nine episodes of their next seasons, but also follow their own storylines. The final season of Arrow, however, apparently revolves entirely around Oliver helping the Monitor prepare the Multiverse for the impending crisis.

>The Anti-Monitor will be the villain, and the Reverse Flash and Lex Luthor appear to be heavily involved. Doctor Destiny and Psycho Pirate are also expected to appear.

>John Wesley Shipp will appear. Unclear if as Jay Garrick, Henry Allen, Earth-90’s Barry Allen, all three, or neither.

>Oliver will die in the crossover, wrapping up Arrow after eight seasons, and it will conclude "Phase 1" of the CW-Verse, dramatically changing the status quo going forward.

>Rumor has that the midway cliffhanger will be several universes merging, like in the comics, including Earth-1, Earth-2 and Earth-38.

>The CW's most ambitious crossover yet, with a bigger budget and a more elaborate shooting schedule.